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The Drunken Goose
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"that Wednesday"

About Us

If you're a curious one, which be both know you are, you're going to ask us:
"hey, why should I take my hard earned money just to look at some drunk chicks?

Well, that's a good question - so just scroll down and take a look at out newest reviews from some other dudes or enjoy our media gallery (coming soon, eventually)


The drunken what?!

The Drunken Goose Entertainment™ stands for high quality entertainment on exotic locations around the world.

What started as "just an idea" will soon be the highest quality standard in this multi billion dollar entertainment industry.

Our Gooses..

..are very shy
(until they're drunk)

more coming soon


Let us take you back to "That Wednesday"...



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Goose Island

Our main headquarter and main event stage

  • October - April


Our second and biggest stage is located near Italy on the island of Ibiza

  • April - June


Our third and newest stage is located on Bali

  • June - October


Pricing is per show - we accept all major credit cards, paypal, titcoins and first-borns.

Standard Standing

€99 per show
  • You're still standing
  • 1 Refreshment included
  • -
  • -
  • -
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Premium Standing

€189 per show
  • Also standing, but with style
  • 1 Refreshment included
  • 1 Authgraph included
  • -
  • -
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Premium Seating

€289 per show
  • Sitting - better than standing
  • 2 Refreshment included
  • 1 Authgraph included
  • Special-G T-Shirt Included
  • -
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VIP Seating

€499 per show
  • A Seat at a random VIP table
  • Refreshments included
  • Authgraph included
  • Special-G T-Shirt Included
  • After-Show invite included
  • Buy Now

VIP Table

€2999 per show
  • Your own VIP Table for 6 people
  • Refreshments included
  • Authgraphs included
  • Special-G T-Shirts Included
  • After-Show invites included
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Contact us

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate and contact us anytime.
(Except weekends and weekdays before 10 AM)